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Henry Orchard and Sons is Cornwall's leading independent scrap processing merchant and is based at Methrose Works in St Austell.
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Crane Sailing for New Crinnis Beach Restaurant


Crane sailing at Crinnis Beach. Meals on wheels was given a new twist as St Austell metal recycler, Henry Orchards and Sons, helped Sam’s Cornwall, move its latest venture into place.

It was meals of wheels with a twist at Crinnis Beach as two well-known St Austell businesses joined forces to move a new venture into place.

Award-winning metal recycler, Henry Orchard and Sons, was on hand to help move Sam’s Cornwall’s latest restaurant into place at Carlyon Bay.

The shipping container turned eating joint was moved into its final position by crane.

Henry Orchard’s managing director, Henry Orchard, said: “We’re normally called in by companies and organisations to take metal objects away for processing and recycling.

“I think this must be the first time we’ve been asked to put something in place.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to get priority seats at the new restaurant when it opens!”

Sam’s, which is run by Sam and Emma Sixton, has restaurants at Polkerris, Fowey, Truro and now at Crinnis Bay.

Managing director, Emma Sixton, said: “We’re really grateful to Henry and his team for helping move the container into its final position.

“The haulage company had done a great job getting it down to the beach, but it was the final stretch that just needed the help of a big crane.

“It certainly puts a new twist on meals on wheels!”

For more information please visit www.henryorchardandsons.co.uk and www.samscornwall.co.uk.


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Henry Orchard and Sons is commited to meeting environmental standards within the metal reclamation industry, and this commitment drives every area of our business. The company continues to advance methods in which scrap metal and other waste products can be re-used and recycled. This minimises waste products going to landfill and lessens the impact on the environment.

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