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Henry Orchard and Sons is Cornwall's leading independent scrap processing merchant and is based at Methrose Works in St Austell.
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Henry Orchard: Spring Clean Quiz


scrap metal quiz

It’s that time of year again. Spring is here! Along with less rain (hopefully!), less cold and less stress it may be time for less scrap metal.

It’s the perfect occasion to get rid of some of the old bits and pieces gathering dust, or rust, around your business.

Take our quiz and find out if your site needs a scrap spring clean.

What’s on your site?
a. I couldn’t count on one hand the amount of scrap I have laying around playing home to weeds, worms and rust!
b. There’s something there that’s definitely seen better days, but I can’t work out what it was.
c. I accumulate lots of scrap metal, but none of it stays long as it ends up in the bin!
d. Nothing. My site is spic and span, not a piece of scrap in sight.

Is it a pollution risk and contained properly?
a. I don’t even know what would make something a pollution risk?
b. Gulp. Probably not.
c. I’m usually quite careful when it comes to pollution risks on my site, I just chuck anything away I think be could a pollution risk.
d. Of course! I know that when I don’t recycle scrap metal it can produce polluted soil, air pollutants, air pollutants, health and safety, and fire risks.

That bit of equipment in the corner, has it been used in the last 12 months?
a. I haven’t used it in the last 5 years, let alone 12 months!
b. Maybe once or twice?
c. I recycle anything away I haven’t used for 6 months.
d. Yes it gets used regularly.

Would you like to turn your waste into revenue?
a. Not really, I’m a bit of a clutter bug. I’d rather keep my scrap, I may need it one day!
b. Sure, I’ve just never really got round to it.
c. Yeah I just didn’t really know it was an option.
d. I really would! Sign me up!

Now it’s time to add up your scores and find your spring clean solution.

Mostly A’s: [lots of scrap lying around]
You are very close to starring in your own Hoarders reality show. You need to start organising your scrap.

Spring Clean Solution: Call Henry Orchard and Sons on 01726 850507.

Mostly B’s: [a little bit of scrap]
So you’ve got some stuff lying around that you could probably get rid of and turn into revenue.

Spring Clean Solution: Call Henry Orchard and Sons on 01726 850507.

Mostly C’s: [just throws everything away]
Just chucking things away may help keep your site clear, but it may also lead to a fine from the Environment Agency. So instead of paying out money, you can earn some from recycling the right way.

Spring Clean Solution: Call Henry Orchard and Sons on 01726 850507.

Mostly D’s: [good at recycling]
Give yourself a (recycled) gold star! You’ve got the recycling habit down to a tee. But if you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your scrap metal then get in touch.

Spring Clean Solution: Call Henry Orchard and Sons on 01726 850507.


Our Environmental Commitment

Henry Orchard and Sons is commited to meeting environmental standards within the metal reclamation industry, and this commitment drives every area of our business. The company continues to advance methods in which scrap metal and other waste products can be re-used and recycled. This minimises waste products going to landfill and lessens the impact on the environment.

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