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Henry Orchard and Sons is Cornwall's leading independent scrap processing merchant and is based at Methrose Works in St Austell.
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01726 850507
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01726 850507
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At Henry Orchard and Sons, we take great pride in being able to handle any type of metal. From cars to trains, even planes, we have the means to recycle with ease and can accept a wide range of materials including: copper, steel, aluminium, brass and iron.

We have a wealth of experience in metal recycling, which enables us to meet all your requirements quickly and efficiently, either at our Methrose Works or with one of our mobile balers. Our on-site equipment includes a range of forklifts, telehandlers and cranes (up to 50 tonnes), operated by our highly trained and competent staff. All materials are weighed on Trading Standards’ calibrated Public Weighbridges, which accept vehicles up to 60′ long and 60 tonnes in weight.

Our experienced team is able to perform factory and site clearances and can even dismantle plant and machinery for you. All the metal that we assess for recycling can be analysed instantly on-site using our state of the art equipment, and we will advise on the exact components suitable for recycling.

Waste Electronics

Waste electrical recycling

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) must be processed by an authorised treatment facility in order to meet with legal requirements.
At Henry Orchard and Sons, we are proud to be accredited as an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) and as a consequence, we have built a dedicated plant within the Methrose site to manage these processes securely.

Our experienced team collects WEEE from Cornwall’s Civic Amenity Sites, and also collects from retailers, schools, charities and businesses in Devon and Cornwall. Such specialist work has given us a breadth of knowledge in this field and we are able to issue evidence to Producer Compliance Schemes directly, offering you total peace of mind.

Our Process

Please contact us on 01726 850507 to discuss your requirements.

What We Can

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Our Environmental Commitment

Henry Orchard and Sons is commited to meeting environmental standards within the metal reclamation industry, and this commitment drives every area of our business. The company continues to advance methods in which scrap metal and other waste products can be re-used and recycled. This minimises waste products going to landfill and lessens the impact on the environment.

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